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To date, Jennifer has written or co-written ten published books: Testimony of a Seeker (Pacific Press, 1999), A Most Precious Message (Pacific Press, 2000), I Want it All (Review and Herald, 2003), A Deep But Dazzling Darkness (Amazing Facts Publishers, 2004), Dying to be Beautiful (Review and Herald, 2005), A Light for the Last Days (Amazing Facts, 2006), Finding My Way in Milwaukee (Review and Herald, 2008), A Gospel Story (Michael Ministries, 2009), Twice Upon a Time (Fire Engine Publishers, 2009), 13 Weeks to Peace (Pacific Press, 2011), and 13 Weeks to Love (Pacific Press, 2015), 13 Weeks to Joy (Pacific Press, 2019). In addition, she has written countless articles, which have been published in magazines such as the Adventist Review and Liberty Magazine.

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